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Yes, your transformation will be hard.
Yes, you will feel frightened, messed up and knocked down.
Yes, you’ll want to stop. Yes, it’s the best work you’ll ever do.
- Robin Sharma
Who we are
We are more than accountability partners; we are family. We develop the basic concept of program initiatives and projects that are geared towards helping individuals identify their purpose and together we create strategies that teach them how to cope, discover life's joy, & achieve a better quality of life. We offer uplifting support, instill hope in a better and brighter future, and demonstrate the ways that embracing trust & faith can create a win-win situation for a better lifestyle.
For 10 years now, we have been passionate about transforming lives for the better -- forever. We aim to achieve the best results that bring personal success and greater self-awareness. Our transformative community initiatives helps people to achieve holistic development, economic sustainability, and an appreciation of the life journey. Mayor Tommy Battle recognized the outstanding work of No More Dirty, Inc. & presented Mr. Whitlow with a City of Huntsville Proclamation.
Thousand personal lives transformed in over 31 years dedicated service through conferences, community events, summer camps and more.
Thousand worldwide viewers tune in every week to our YouTube Channel for The Session Live Talk Show & NMD TV which was watched weekly by nearly half a million viewer on the CW Network from 2013-2016.
Thousand worldwide listerners tune in every week to hear our NMD radio broadcast featuring inspirational and uplifting media.
Welcome to The Spot Where Lives Transform where we save lives through our
"No More Dirty" initiatives.
We work with adolescent youth, young adults and individuals struggling to identify their self-worth. The social accountability approach and collections of transformative personal life experiences inspire our services. Clients can expect to gain etiquette strategies & a network of support as they learn the steps to improving their own lives.
The US Southern region is notoriously known as "The Dirty South," a popular and influential term in Southern hip-hop/rap music. Neutralizing the violent crime and drug themed music & negative media influences that are so prevalent in the lives of at-risk youth transformed from concept to movement & from movement to mission.
For 10 years now, we have been passionate about achieving the best results that bring success, fulfillment and a sense of purpose in to the lives of at-risk youth and young adults. Our initiatives "flip the script" to depict the very best of what the "Dirty South" has to offer through inspiring and uplifting media, music, and messaging.
Transformative talk, holistic individuality development, and the social accountability model is embedded in all of our projects and initiatives through which our participants are able to achieve personal goals and attain economic sustainability.
What we do
Transform Lives
NMD Radio - radio broadcast featuring the "best and cleanest" Inspirational Hip-Hop and Urban music in the industry that is uplifting, positive, and encouraging in nature.
Transformative Talk: The Session Live - a social gathering Transformative Talk Show for sharing stories, best practices and principles that help us live productive, healthier and holistic lives -- uniting the community through Bible, Beats & Bars.
NMD TV - uplifting entertainment and urban culture, and catch some of the hottest Christian and Gospel music and videos that we share and encourage others to support. Tune in to our Meta [Facebook] & YouTube Channel for the latest episodes!
Inspired by the expressed needs from parents, community leaders, business owners who sought a culture of positive & uplifting thriving communities through content to build community economic development.
Our Process
Step one
We work with people from all walks of life from those with traumatic pasts to those with dysfunctional lifestyles. Whether through direct referrals from one of our partners or a personal encounter, from the moment we've heard your individual story and made a meaningful connection, we want to be a part of your transformation experience. Sometimes, you just need to be heard, and that's what you get with us from the beginning. We listen to your needs.
Step one
Although we are transformative agents, we remind our clients that lifestyles changes happen when they choose to transform. The solutions and interventions that we offer are guiding tools that lead you to the methaphorical door of transformation; you have to choose to apply those skills when walking through that door. We realize that every client may not be ready to take those critical first steps. We don't hold that against you, instead we stick with you until you're ready to leave a legacy that shows you turned your life around.
We all know that laughter is the single most form of happiness that has a power like no other to bring people together. Our Clean Comedy Series feature some of the industry's best clean comedians who have a very unique way of making people happy, without insulting or cursing. Open to all audiences. Come and share some laughs with people of all ages.
No More Dirty Clean Comedy Series
Time: 6-8 PM
Location: 5045 Memorial Pkwy NW Suite B | HSV, AL
Date: March 9
Entertainment guest speakers panel who address challenges within our community & society. Attendees will gain a newfound sense of hope & the tools needed to discover their own greatness while avoiding the pitfalls of poverty, systemic ills, false narratives, stereotypes and misinformation. They will learn the benefits of healthy living, how to thrive as productive citizens in diverse environments and cultures, and leave feeling purposeful & inspired to achieve their life-long goals.
3rd Annual No More Dirty Entertainment Summit
Time: 4-6 PM
Location: 5045 Memorial Pkwy NW Suite B | HSV, AL
Date: 10.05.24
A youth & family-friendly annual festival that celebrates music and art that promotes unity, diversity, good citizenship, and the good of all by exposing our citizens to our amazing nonprofits, civic organizations, youth and family services, community agencies, resources and vendors throughout our city and surrounding regions. Click the button below for free tickets & buying sponsorships.
4th Annual Good Music & Arts Festival
2:30-6:30 PM
Location: Big Spring Park East | 200 Church Street | HSV, AL
Date: 10.06.2024
At the heart of our annual community outreach events is 100% clean and family-friendly fun & live entertainment featuring local & national artists & local non-profits & businesses who care about the betterment of our communities. We support & promote creative artistry that aligns with our vision of combating the negative media & music influences on youth populations.
Executive Director
A super energetic individual who is always excited about life & people. He is passionate about helping underserved community members discover and embrace their purpose, worth, potential for achieving their dreams and intentionally promotes healthy lifestyles, financial literacy and economic stablility.
Event & Project Lead
Dianne helps to oversee the day-to-day operations of the organization and serves as a team liaison to ensure that everyone is working toward the same goals. Her administrative support assists the executive team with special projects coordination, logistics & planning.
Visual/Audio Media Director
From live streaming indoor or outdoors events, whether it's editing, pre/post-production, or video services, Kenny and his team make the dive to tackle our audio-visual media projects. Their attention to details, integrity and professionalism raise the bar in the photography industry.
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