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Community Projects & Outreach Initiatives
Our work is focused on giving youth and young adults the tools needed to improve their quality of life and opportunities for education, financial sustainability, generational wealth and legacy.
We offer a set of full-day interdisciplinary youth enrichment camps held throughout the year, especially during the summer and school breaks. Our Staff consists of PHD, MA and QEP Certified educators & instructors from local higher learning institutions (Oakwood University, AAMU, UAH, Calhoun, etc.) along with support from business professionals, engineers, retired teachers and interns.

The skills mastered in CampSMART align with the required academic core studies: creativity, scientific research, robotics, critical thinking and conflict resolution through activities, chess and physical fitness, wellness and nutrition. The camps are designed to provide accuracy, excellence & critical thinking skills in the following areas: Creative Writing; Communication; Performing Arts; Business Leadership; Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (S.T.E.A.M.); Rockets, Robotics and Research; and Film, Music and Media Production.
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June 3 - 28, 2024 | 8 AM - 2 PM | $225/week per child
Creative Camp

Creative writing, communication, and art skills are gained while participates publish a book & visit Gee's Bend, Alabama, & the Botanical Garden.
Film & Media Production

Learn math-media skills, along with audio/video editing & production;, and, graphic/visual art design and animation.
Rockets & Robotics

Provides hands-on S.T.E.A.M. projects, opportunities that will equip youth for the growing demands of our future workforce.
Business Leadership

Equips youth with strategic thinking developmental and professional skills with a focus on entrepreneurship.

Annual Sponsorship Goal

$25,000 - $30,000
Project Sponsors help us provide up to 40 partial or full scholarships.
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