Meet The NMD Team

Meet the NMD Team

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
Fred Whitlow II, Founder & Executive Director of NMD, Inc., dba The Spot Where Lives Transform has worked hard to assemble his team.

We thought it’d be fun to introduce them to you so you can meet those who work behind the scenes and screens to keep this phenomenal organization running.
Fun Fact: Before Fred gathered this amazing group of people, he was a one-man-show and ran this whole operation alone – except for volunteers at certain events – for TEN years.
Here we go.

Dianne Bryant–Administrator Event and Project Lead

The best way to describe Dianne Bryant’s role is “She keeps us all in line (even Fred)!” As Administrator Event and Project Lead, she functions as a logistics manager, follows up, and makes sure everything gets done for upcoming events.

She met Fred in a ministerial team and quickly saw his passion. Soon she was volunteering and helping in any way she could. She explains that in the beginning, Fred had no team; he was a one-man band and did everything himself. When events came up, people would help out, but no one served year-round. She’s served in her current capacity for 2 years and has become Fred’s go-to person.

Dianne is motivated by Fred’s passion and realizes that one person can’t reach everybody, but every person can reach someone. Dianne believes we can all work toward the common goal of transforming lives.

Seeing the light in someone’s eyes being awakened during one of NMD’s events helps her know she’s fulfilling her purpose on this earth.

Besides spending time with her 3 grandchildren, Dianne finds joy in cruising, interior design, and DIY projects. She also served 36 years as a civilian in the Army.

Juanita Gomez – Community Outreach Coordinator

Juanita assists with the development of programs and the coordination of events that are diverse and fit the various community and individual needs. It excites her to see families gaining stability and enjoying the peace that stability brings.

She’s the talent and brains behind our photoshoots that parents love, designing and creating those beautiful backdrops herself!

Juanita met Fred through her work at North Alabama Boys and Girls Clubs while Fred was working with the Housing Authority helping youth and their families. She and Fred became friends and entered into a partnership for community events.

Currently, she’s excited about the job fair NMD will be hosting, especially because it will target stay-at-home parents and college students who need flexible hours.

When Juanita isn’t busy with NMD events, she rounds out her life through her love of reading and riding 4-wheelers.

Courtney Braggs — Digital Consultant

Courtney is a self-proclaimed knowledge junkie. Here at NMD she advises and guides our executive team on various digital products and tech services that can help us better serve our community. She ensures all our technology systems are up-to-date and maintains our website and communications accounts. In short, she's our “information technology & systems specialist.”

Courtney’s passion is mental and emotional health and wellness and she’s excited about our women’s wellness project that we’re hoping to execute in the foreseeable future.

To her, the most rewarding aspect of her work with NMD is connecting with people for their greater good.

She says she’s a left-brained/right-brained mix — analytical and highly creative at the same time, mentally rearranging a new space as she walks into it.

In addition to her work with Fred, she’s also been a licensed foster parent since 2021, fostering 5 boys between the ages of 12 to19.

Tucker Higgins–Social Media Lead

As a young man, volunteering in his mom’s Title I school classroom, Tucker saw firsthand the desperate need of disadvantaged kids. His parents had always taught him to give back to the community, and he wanted to help in any way he could.

When Tucker met Fred at a church conference where Tucker was a guest speaker, they made a connection, and Tucker began volunteering his time and talents to NMD’s cause.

As NMD’s Social Media Manager, Tucker wants to change the narrative of social media in the lives of young people today. He hopes to show youth how social media can positively connect us, and that it doesn’t always have to be a negative influence.

In his personal life, Tucker has an impressive resume. He started his website/social media management business at age 18 and is the youngest person in his company.

Kenya Green — Photographer/ Visual and Audio Media Assistant — Media Team

Kenya has known Fred for most of her life since they met in college in the early 90s and has been involved with NMD for 4 years.

She and her husband, Kenneth, are responsible for the videography, live streaming, and audio for NMD’s festivals. They also help with the podcast for the NMD TV show.

Back in the early days of NMD, Kenya helped promote the different programs by word-of-mouth. Her most memorable events have been the comedy shows, where she’s been able to meet and photograph the celebrities of the show.

She finds her time with NMD meaningful because she always has the opportunity to learn. She’s inspired by Fred’s vision and his fearless pursuit of it.

Kenya and Kenneth own Green Room Entertainment and the Emerald Nook event center and still work full-time jobs. Their grown sons join in these ventures, and the entire family is involved in their church.
We appreciate this opportunity to introduce our team to you and hope you’ve enjoyed learning about us as much as we’ve enjoyed sharing with you. Stay tuned to meet other team members in upcoming issues!

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